Every business has a story behind it, and a story ahead.
I can help you find the right place to share your message, uncover the right tools to do it, and connect you with the right audience.



Discover your audience.

You know who the people who have found you are, but what about the ones that haven’t yet? By researching your product, competitors, and desired target market, I can help you strategize to hit the marks with your marketing goals.




Map out your story.

Planning is where creativity meets efficiency. Maybe you know you need to be blogging or posting on social media, but you have no time, no ideas, or both. I can help you build a goal-focused plan for creating your own content, designed to reach and resonate with your audience.



Draw a crowd.

SEO is all about getting people to find you on Google. I can perform analysis on your current website to find the roadblocks keeping people from finding you, help you knock them down, and renovate or re-construct your website for a higher SERP (search engine results page) rank and a more engaged audience.



Get the honest truth.

You’re posting. So why is no one liking, or following? It’s really frustrating to be putting the time in and getting nothing out of your social media channels. I’ll analyze your content and give you an honest, constructive analysis of why your social media isn’t performing like you hoped, with actionable recommendations on how to get more followers and better engagement rates.



video production

Show them what you mean.

Video is the most powerful, and the most effective, communication tool we have right now. I can help you explain big concepts with videos, and handle everything from the planning, to the production, to the distribution.




Tell them to listen up.

Audio isn't going anywhere, it’s just changing. Audio has huge potential for spreading your message because people don’t need to use their hands or eyes to listen in. By helping you plan, script, record, and coordinate distribution, you can reach people on the road, on a jog, and just about anywhere else.




Be a thought leader in your niche.

What’s the first thing you do when a question crosses your mind? You Google it, right? Most questions asked on Google lead people to a blog that has the answer. What do you want to teach your audience? I’ll develop high-quality content on your behalf that educates, entertains, and engages prospective customers.




Words have power.

Writing is where I got my start, and as much as I love it, I know a lot of folks don’t. If written communication isn’t your strong suit, or you’re just not sure how to make an emotional connection with your words, I can help. From writing copy for your new website, to just getting another pair of eyes to review and edit your proposal or resume, I have a passion for language and a process you can trust.